Durable & Fully Customizable Floating Docks For Residential / Commercial Properties. 

Iowa's number one EZ dock dealer.

EZ Dock is one of the smartest investments you can make if your home, vacation home, or business is by the water. We offer a variety of products to help you make the most out of every moment at your waterfront property.

Gatorbak Bunk Covers and storage products are a fantastic way to upgrade your boat trailer, dock or lift

Don't Just Repair, Upgrade And Stop The Cycle Of Replacing Bunks With A Durable Solution. Rated for Use on All Hull Types, with Sizes to Fit All Cradles, Lifts, and Trailers. 3 Year Warranty. Easy Self Installation. Prevents Hull Damage. 100% USA Made Hardware.

Marine non-skid flooring as boat carpet replacement

A luxurious, customizable option to traditional, smelly boat carpeting 

Standing & Roll-in Dock Solutions

Voyager Dock is the ultimate dock system- one that’s strong, stylish and maintenance free. With marine grade aluminum Voyager Docks are solid frames with no maintenance. Add Titan Deck and never worry about the abuse from strong summer storms or vacationers ever again.

Boat Lift & Canopy Solutions

Dock Rite docks, vertical boat lifts, and accessories are designed for long term durability and built from the best materials available.

Wake Shapers, Boat Gear, and Marine LED Lights

Helping you outfit your boat for the perfect wake no matter what brand of inboard your surf behind!

Solar Dock Lighting

The perfect hassle-free way to light up a dock, deck, or piling!

Pond Supplies, Kits, & More

As a MidWest Ponds authorized dealer we are able to assist you in water treatment solutions, de-icers, pond pumps, waterfall features, aeration, lake weed control, and water circulators.

Lakefront Inflatables 

With Aquaglide our passion for water sports has yielded world class aqua parks, inflatable kayaks, and stand up paddle boards. 

Standing & Roll-in Dock Solutions

Econo Lift uses only the highest quality materials in their boat hoists. Econo Lift uses a totally enclosed polyethylene tank with 100% virgin plastic (not reground/recycled plastic) for more stability in open or high traffic water situations and durable, completely galvanized metal parts. That’s why the Econo Lift boat hoist is the most dependable, yet affordable boat lift available in the midwest today.

Fresh Air Exhaust is the quietest inboard boat exhaust system available!

Fresh Air Exhaust works by injecting the boat’s exhaust gases into the prop wash, and moves the gases away from the boat. This is done by connecting the FAE to the existing exhaust outlets. Consequently, the prop wash pushes the exhaust away from the back of the boat, where it surfaces anywhere from 100-300 feet behind the boat.

Seat Saver

Step aboard and save your seats!

Consignment Boats & Docks

Click on the consignment boats or docks tab to see what experience inventory we have available and ready to hit the water!